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Clarity 8 oz Intention Candle



Clear quartz is a crystal that promotes awareness, focuses the mind and cleanses the deepest parts of your soul; paired with peppermint essential oil to help manifest and motivate your dreams into reality. The Clarity candle is 8 ounces of hand poured, 100% soy wax and contains only essential oils to maximize the benefits of the combination of crystal and scent. Made in America.

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Product Description

  • 8 ounces
  • Hand poured
  • 100% soy wax
  • Scented with peppermint essential oil
  • Clear quartz crystal

Clear Quartz is also known as the master stone because it is considered the most versatile multi-purpose healing stone. Quartz is the most common mineral on Earth, which resonates with the frequencies of the silica in our bodies. This helps to energize, harmonize and balance the energies of the body and to promote and restore our well being on all levels. Quartz amplifies thoughts, which are a form of energy, and they store information which makes them easy to program with thoughts and firm intentions. Clear quartz acts as a receiver and transmitter, allowing you to attune to the energies and information you wish to receive from the Universe, and assisting you to manifest your intentions.

Clear Quartz corresponds with the Crown or 7th chakra.

Clear Quartz is the astrological gemstones of the Taurus, Capricorn, Aries and Libra signs.

When candle is completely out and cooled, use tweezers to remove stone. Use soap and warm water to wax.

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3.25 x 3.25 x 3 in


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